Benefits for dependants of a deceased worker

We provide you with financial benefits if you were financially dependant on someone who contracted a work-related dust disease in NSW and has since died.

Dependants include:

  • spouses and partners
  • children aged up to 16 years
  • full time students aged up to 21 years

Visit making a claim for information on the application process.

What you'll receive

This compensation is in two forms:
  • a lump sum payment of up to $340,100
  • or weekly compensation paid to the dependent of up to $280.50 depending on:
    1. your income at the time of your spouse/partner's death
    2. whether they died as a result of their dust disease
    3. your spouse/partner's percentage of disability as a result of their dust disease
The full benefit is payable if:
  • You were wholly dependant on your late spouse/partner at the time their death
  • Your spouse/partner died as a result of the dust disease
  • your spouse/partner's exposure to the dust that caused the disease occurred wholly while employed in NSW.
The amount of the lump sum and fortnightly benefit payable is reduced when:
  • you were partially dependant on your late spouse (we will take your income into account when determining your entitlement)
  • your late spouse/partner did not die from the dust disease and/or was not 100% disabled as a result of the disease
  • your late spouse/partner was not wholly exposed to the dust that caused the disease as a worker in NSW
  • your late spouse/partner was aged 66 years or older at the time of their death.

If eligible, you will continue to receive weekly benefits for the rest of your life or until you remarry or enter into a defacto relationship.

Will these payments affect other payments?

If you are already receiving government benefits (like a pension from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs), you may find those benefits are reduced when you begin to receive weekly benefits from us. This is because our benefits might be assessed by them as 'income'.

We recommend that you contact the Centrelink Compenation Recovery Team on 1800 777 653 or the Department of Veterans' Affairs on 133 254 to discuss your individual circumstances.

Further information

Indexation of benefits

Compensation payments are automatically adjusted twice a year on 1 April and 1 October.  We will inform you whenever an adjustment is made to your payment.

Taxation of benefits

Your payments from us are defined as income by the Australian Taxation Office and you must declare these  payments in your income tax return. The DDB will issue you with a Payment Summary at the end of each financial year showing the amount of compensation payments made to you and any taxation deducted.


The amount of the benefit paid by us is set out by law under the Workers Compensation Act 1987, and the Workers' Compensation (Dust Diseases) Act 1942