Services we pay for

Our purpose is to help support workers with dust diseases. We do this in partnership with service providers like you.

Service providers include:

  • medical practitioners
  • allied healthcare professionals
  • other service providers, including equipment providers and lawn mowing services

We will only pay for services that we accept as reasonably necessary and related to our client's dust disease.

If you or your client are unsure of whether we have or will approve payment for a service, please contact us on (02) 8223 6600.

What we will pay for

We can consider the following:

Medical treatments and related expenses

This can include:

  • doctor's visits and medication, including home-based oxygen and nebulisers
  • ambulance services to transport the worker to a doctor or hospital because of their dust disease
  • treatment for their dust disease in a hospital or nursing home, or in a palliative care or rehabilitation centre
  • therapeutic treatments like exercise and massage
  • respite care (out of home) or rehabilitation centre admissions
  • wheelchairs and other mobility aids - like walking frames or motorised scooters
  • therapeutic needs - like reclining chairs, beds, pressure relief cushions, and shower chairs

Other help

We also help pay for funeral expenses and domestic care, like home cleaning and lawn and garden maintenance.

Travel expenses

Your client may be entitled to the cost of travelling to attend their medical appointment. If they are employed, any lost wages as a result of taking time off work to attend their medical appointment can also be covered by us.

Home modifications

We can only pay for minor home modifications required to help your client manage their dust disease.  These can include:

  • hand rails for easy access to the bath and shower
  • access ramps to your client's house if you use a wheelchair or scooter

Any modifications will require a recommendation from their doctor and a report from an occupational therapist stating why the modifications are necessary.

Please contact us for more information.

Things we do not pay for

The DDC will not pay for:

  • treatment or medical costs that are related to another disease or condition
  • payment of the Federal Government Accommodation Bond to enter a nursing home
  • cataract surgery, spectacles and other seeing aids
  • food (including organic food), vitamins or dietary supplements (unless prescribed as part of a treatment regime)
  • medical treatment or medicines received while visiting or living overseas

Further information

These fact sheets contain extra information:

The benefits payable to the worker are prescribed by NSW workers compensation legislation.